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Good time, day or night.

I am Arthur (Aric)

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm a Christian. I understand how
important to talk about Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ was explained to us what is happening in our world.
What will happen, and how to live, and what to do.
I prefer to talk about Jesus Christ through music and songs.
And So...
Let's play music and sing for the glory of God, until...
"..will see the Son of Man coming in clouds
with great power and glory."
Bible, Mark 13:26

Musical history.

2018 - 2020 Play bass guitar, and sound engineer "Ecclesia Church"
Sacramento, California, US
2018 - recording a new album "Armor of God - Shield of faith"

2013 - 2015 together vs Ivan Valansevich recorded music album
Armor of God "Helmet of salvation"

2009 - 2017. Play solo rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals and
sound engineer "Living Word Church" in Grodno, Belarus.
2005 - 2008 played bass guitar and sound engineer in church
"House of Prayer for all nations" www.housepray.com
Dnipro, Ukraine.
2002 - 2008 worked as a sound engineer in TV and Radio Company
"Sterkh" 11 channel. Dnipro, Ukraine. Sound advertising.
Recorded monthly concerts of chamber Orchestra "The Seasons",
under management of conductor Dmitry Logvin
2000 - Recorded an album joint with Viacheslav Tertus - "Soul Mates"
1996 - 1999 member of the "Halo" rhythm and lead guitar, vocals
in Sevastopol, Ukraine. www.oreolgroup.narod.ru
1991 - 1996 studied at the Naval School in Lomonosov, St. Petersburg.
Recorded an album called "Dream" joint with Alexey Ilyin
Has organized discotheques and provided sound equipment.
1988 - 1991 participated in the "Anthill" (Youtube.com)
1986 - 1987 studied in music on guitar. First played music -
The Beatles "Yesterday" :))))

Be Blessed! ><>
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